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    JiangSu HuaYi Group
    Huayi Trade

      Based on strong technical force and high production capacity, Huayi Trade is striving to develop medium and high-end garment market at home and abroad.

    Marketing Center

      Marketing Center is equipped with business department (2 foreign trade departments, 4 domestic trade departments), purchase department, R&D department, ODM R&D department, gift department, and other departments. There are nearly 100 employees including salesman, merchandiser, buyer, and documentation specialist. The annual trade volume is more than 100 million Yuan RMB, and the amount of export is about 15 million U. S. dollar. The company has established long-term cooperation relationships with several well-known enterprisesand brands such as MARKS & SPENCER, OTTO, SABA, CK, TOM TAILOR, Peachbird, EXCEPTION de MIXMIND, etc.


    General Manager: Zhang Aishu 
    Mobile: +86-15962788818 
    Tel: +86-513-88869880 88865565
    Fax: +86-513-88869883
    Add: 88-1, West Changjiang Road, Hai'an County, Jiangsu, China
    P. C.: 226600 
    E-mail: adam@tiedye.cn

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    WeChat Platform

    Website link:professional website | Huayi Ali CTP | 1984 Library Mailbox | 【Admin】